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Should you have your car repaired outside?
Mobile car repairers have risen in popularity over the last few decades and have been a cheaper solution to getting smaller scrapes and dents repaired. They usually come under the banner of ‘SMART’ repairs and that acronym stands for Small to Medium Area Repair Technology.

This type of repair is fine for smaller repairs as it was originally intended, however a lot of repairers have taken to pushing the boundaries and doing much larger repairs such as multi panel and full side of cars etc. These types of repairs should be done under controlled conditions like we have at Phantom Car Body Repairs to ensure the integrity and durability of the repair.

It may seem strange to think of paint repairs as a science, however the ingredients used in the products undertake such repairs have been formulated to be applied in a certain way in certain conditions to allow for the most robust finish. Technical data sheets are provided for all these products that stipulate how they should be applied and all of them do not suggest their application in cold or damp temperatures. After all, your cars paintwork is subjected to a lot of different weather conditions and a substandard repair could be detrimental in the long run not to mention unsightly if applied incorrectly.

We’re not saying SMART repairs are bad, but they have their place and its important to think about the best solution to the damage you may have and in either colder months or where the weather is quite changeable. Where a larger job with panel damage is required, a fixed based workshop will be better in the long run and possibly even cheaper than van based operatives. Car bodywork repair is a skilled profession and choosing your repairer like any trade is important based on experience and reviews.
A van is parked in a parking lot with an umbrella.A car covered in a tarp in a parking lot.