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At Phantom Repairs, we specialise in providing various expert services to clients in Yateley and all surrounding areas. We manage scratch repairs, dent removals, lease return inspections, panel repairs, car respraying and non-fault accident repairs. We also manage bumper repairs, full vehicle inspections, bumper scuff repairs, paintless dent repairs, SMART repairs and insurance repairs.

Please view our gallery to see examples of our quality workmanship. Here, we discuss the core aspects of insurance repairs.

Insurance Repairs

No one will ever want to be in a position where they need to involve an insurance company, but the lengths people go to avoid it altogether never cease to amaze us. We’ve had customers privately pay four-figure sums not to involve their insurance company. This is typically when the damage is their fault.
Making a claim will inevitably mean that there will be an increase in premium at renewal time, which will remain for five years. There are some exceptions, but generally, when a repair is more than a scuff or scrape or requires parts, making a claim can still be worthwhile.

Reasons to Consider Making a Claim

Key reasons why you should consider making a claim include:

Rising Costs

With prices on the rise, the value of cars has shot up, as well as their parts. We have been quoted £1,800 for a headlight on a 3 series recently, which you don’t want to pay privately.
From scratch repairs and dent removal to lease vehicle inspections and non-fault accident repairs, our car body repair centre offers cost-effective solutions.

Complexity of Vehicles

Cars are complex vehicles, with modern vehicles becoming increasingly more so. This means that the repair process now takes longer. To return vehicles to pre-accident conditions, features such as ADAS safety systems need to be factored in because they need to be calibrated correctly. Elements like specialist paint also take longer to apply and can be more expensive.

Third-Party Accidents

Many customers wish to settle their damage outside of insurance to make the third parties’ lives easier. Ultimately, your vehicle needs to return to top condition, and cutting corners so it’s cheaper for the third party doesn’t seem a good idea. And that’s why we are insured.
If a car body repair is privately booked and there is more damage than anticipated at the point of estimation, this will be difficult to resolve with the third party. This is because it’s unlikely they will want to pay more than estimated. With insurance, this is all eliminated.

Trusted Repair Centre

It’s important to remember that choosing where your car is repaired is your legal right, not the insurer's. So, talk to Phantom Car Body Repairs about how we can help.
At our car body repair centre, we offer an extensive range of services to meet our clients’ needs. Some of our popular services include:
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    Panel Repairs

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    SMART Repairs

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    Car Respray

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    Bumper Repair

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    Paintless Dent Repair

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    Bumper Scuff Repairs

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    Full Vehicle Inspections

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    Scratch Repairs

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    Lease Return Inspections

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    Dent Removal

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    Non-Fault Accident Repairs

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    Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

For a trusted car body repair centre providing services to clients in and around Yateley, please call Phantom Car Body Repairs on 01276 535901 today.