Non Fault Accident Repairs

Non-Fault Accident Repair in Farnborough, Fleet and All Surrounding Areas

If you’ve been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, it can be a stressful experience, and various things will need to be sorted out. At Phantom Body Repairs, our team aims to make non-fault accident repairs as stress-free as possible. At our Camberley-based car body repair centre, we will return your car to its pre-accident condition using specialist equipment and tools. Our company provides a full car repair management service for clients in Farnborough, Fleet, Yateley, Bagshot, Sandhurst and all surrounding areas. With over 50 years of combined experience, we have the skills and expertise to tackle all types of crash repairs, covering everything from bumper repairs to scratch and dent removal.

Please view our gallery to see the results of our comprehensive repair service. You can also call us to discuss your unique requirements or our other services, including lease return inspections.

Accidental Crash Repair Service

We cover all aspects of your vehicle's bodywork, including:

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    Scratch Repairs

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    Dent Removals

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    Scuff Repair

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    Bumper Repair

Full Car Repair Management

Once the basis of your claim and how it happened has been established, our experts will manage your claim. This allows you to carry on with your daily life rather than ending up on hold with insurance companies chasing the progress of it. We offer a comprehensive management and repair service to ensure all of your needs are covered.

Your Rights

While your car insurer would like you to think they have the right to authorise which repair shop your vehicle is sent to, the choice is actually up to you. You have a legal right to choose who repairs your car after an accident.
Phantom Car Body Repairs are here to help if your car has been damaged in an accident which wasn't your fault. We specialise in non-fault accident repairs and deliver tailored solutions. There are a few elements of accident repairs that clients don’t always know:
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    It’s Your Choice Where Your Car is Repaired

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    You Don’t Need to Claim Off Your Insurance Policy

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    You Don’t Need to Pay Your Excess

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    You’re Entitled to a Like-for-Like Replacement Vehicle During Repairs

While we don’t offer courtesy cars, a rental car can be arranged via a rental company if the estimated work is longer because parts need to be ordered.
Get in touch with our Camberley-based team to find out more about our services. We cater to clients in Bagshot, Fleet, Farnborough, Yateley, Sandhurst and the surrounding areas.
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